Monday, March 2, 2009

February 26th, Our last day

It's hard to believe it's all come to an end. There are many mixed emotions within our crew of 4, but all of us our looking forward to getting home to see family and friends. On our final morning, Curt and Lisa watched an amazing sunrise while the girls slept soundly in their tents. We said good by to "RT" our companion van that we all grew attached to over 2 months on the best of New Zealands highways, byways and back roads. There was joy, excitement and laughter as we rode to the NZ airport in the shuttle. This trip would also not be complete for Curt without a final accounting of all the actual costs. So... we will provide one more post on the cost of the trip titled "only the facts". Curt has accounted for almost every dollar and wanted to break out all the costs in case anybody was curious about tent camping, budget lodging, shopping and extra while tramping around NZ and the Cook Islands. For a family of four the cost was really quite reasonable if you're willing to tent camp for over half your nights, and also willing to make the majority of your meals. See final post.

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