Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 17th-20th, New Zealand Farm Stay

McKenna- My family and I arrived at a farm yesterday. It is really fun. Madelynn and I are staying in a room together in the farm house. This is our second farm stay, and I’m really happy about it because I love farms! (I am going to own a farm when I grow up.) On the farm, they own 2 adorable curious kittens; one of them is helping me write this right now. They also have two baby cows that we help feed with giant bottles, lots dogs, one big pig, 4 horses, 3 small pigs, 100’s of cows and sheep, and 2 house cows that give us milk to drink in the house. We saw them milk cows this morning. (It was so cool.) They also have other animals we haven’t seen yet. I can’t wait to do more on their farm!
I have now started herding and milking cows. Here is how to milk a cow:
1) Heard the cow into place, give it some hay to eat, and tie a rope behind the cow so it does not back out.
2) Get a wet rag and clean the cow’s teat with the wet rag.
3) Get the suction machine, turn it on, and make sure you don’t drag it on the ground.
4) The machine has 4 suckers. Put the sucker on the cow’s teat.
5) When the suckers are on the cow you hold a tube that is see-through and you will feel the milk pulse.
6) When you see that there is not much milk anymore, and when you do not feel the milk pulse as strong anymore, you bend the tube that the milk was going through and turn the machine off. Then grab the suckers and put them away.
7) Then untie the rope and take the cow back where it is suppose to be.
8) Then we would divide the milk up some for the house, some for the calves, and some for the 3 small pigs (They are very greedy with the milk and they bite you if you don’t watch them closely when your trying to pour it in their dish); if there is any milk left over, the dogs, cats and pet pig Fred get some milk too.
9) Then when we get the house milk into the kitchen we heat on the stove and cool it quickly in cold water in the sink. That kills any bacteria that might be in the milk.

And that is how to milk a cow by machine.

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